The Spacebomb House Band – Christmas Together (feat. Andy Jenkins) – Amazon Original


The holidays are officially here! With help from singer and songwriter Andy Jenkins, the Spacebomb House Band recorded “Christmas Together” for Amazon’s Christmas Soul playlist. Complete with strings, horns, and tons of holiday spirit, it’s just what this season needs.

Watch the video for “Christmas Together (feat. Andy Jenkins),” directed by Tony Forgey:

Andy Jenkins on writing “Christmas Together”:

I started reading “The Chimes” by Charles Dickens to get into a haunted holiday spirit, and I hope there’s a bit of gothic charm conveyed in the verses, but the song took a more gentle romantic turn. Like any relationship, your feelings for a certain holiday can ebb and flow as you get older, and some years, the most wonderful day can leave you quite hopeless and empty. But then there’s a different joy, the camaraderie of friends as you age and the old holiday glow is transmuted into a new kind of light.

Listen to “Christmas Together (feat. Andy Jenkins)” on Amazon’s Christmas Soul

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