Howard Ivans
Beautiful Tired Bodies

Fall down the rabbit hole of Ivan Howard’s alter ego and wake up in a stylized soundscape, surrounded by twisting melodies and singing shadows. Beautiful Tired Bodies is the latest installment of chromatic-eyed soul from the man who brought us a “magnificent art-funk treasure” (SPIN) and “a symphonic funkscape worthy of Quincy Jones” (UNCUT). Talking to the mirror in the man, Howard Ivans delivers his full-length debut, co-produced by Trey Pollard and Cameron Ralston, featuring the Spacebomb house band and a VIP list of Richmond musicians. The experience is immersive, a headlong rush, shot through with highlights like Pollard’s transfixing string arrangements and bold keyboard riffs from Devonne Harrison (Stones Throw). Howard Ivans stands in the spotlight, a man who once recorded a bold, song-by-song remake of Sade’s Love Deluxe, delivering a new soft funk tone poem, a voice crooning out in the wilderness.



01. Denise
02. King of Careless
03. Jump In
04. Idle Lights
05. Come On

05. Back to the Life
06. Second Spring
07. Supersonic Love
08. Keep Breaking It Down
09. They Don't Know How It Feels

33rpm LP Vinyl – Limited edition metallic gold vinyl (100 made) + Standard black
CD Mini-Gatefold
Release date: September 22, 2017

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