Spacebomb House Band’s IV out Dec. 14

Concluding the first year of Spacebomb House Band’s Library Music series is volume 4, Return of the End of Time, which will be out Friday, December 14th. Hear “This Is The Record Of Jon,” produced by Trey Pollard and, as with all Library Music tracks, featuring Spacebomb’s in-house team of musicians.

To celebrate the first year of quarterly Library Music releases, we are offering all four tapes together at 25% off.

Spacebomb House Band – Library Music IV: Return of the End of Time (SB023)
TAPE/DIG | 12.14.2018


Side A

01. Bulls
02. Nickel
03. Ronnie Lott
04. This is the Record of Jon
05. Blazers
06. Pelicans
07. Copper
08. More By More

Side B

09. Bullets
10. Fish Head
11. Lead
12. A Middle Distance
13. Poppers
14. Silver
15. Jack Youngblood
16. Supersonics

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