Spacebomb House Band III out Oct. 19

The third volume in the Spacebomb House Band’s Library Music series will be out October 19th, and you can hear “Pinky” now. Produced by Pinson Chanselle, “Pinky” perfectly encapsulates the vision of Library Music, showcasing Spacebomb’s in-house rhythm section while bringing in musicians from around our community, in this case saxophonist JC Kuhl and vocalist Angelica Garcia. Library Music III: For the Sun and Waters will be released digitally and on cassette, and it’s available for pre-order now.

Library Music is an anthology of new recordings from the world of Spacebomb, a growing archive of instrumentals, interstitial music, and spiritual sound effects collected in Richmond, Va. Each release is intended for practical use and distributed as supplementary material for the good times, the bad times, and the no times.

Spacebomb House Band – Library Music III: For the Sun and Waters (SB020)
TAPE/DIG | 10.19.2018

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Side A

01. Tempest Exp 2 (Jackie the Club)
02. Weevils
03. What Time Is It?
04. One Line
05. Get Lost
06. Tempest Exp 1 (Chuck Yeager)
07. Oregon
08. Tin Lid
09. A String Quarter
10. Pinky
11. Celtics

Side B

12. Moses Malone
13. Aveline
14. Rose Gold
15. Tuesday Week
16. Peonies
17. Clippers
18. I’m Curious About The Temple
19. Tempest Exp 3 (Virginia Slims)
20. Winsome Cage

Available digitally and on cassette

October 8, 2018

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