A Year in Review

In 2017, we…

introduced Bedouine and released her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album, re-introduced Howard Ivans via his smooth and sophisticated full-length albumlent our band to Foxygen following the release of their album (which also featured some Spacebomb production), released an a cappella gospel medley by Resound, launched a series of playlists, went to London to present the Spacebomb Revue, took it all in, gave a master class, went inside Bedouine’s album with a mini-documentary, announced a new partnership, went live on Facebook, recorded and released a Christmas song on Amazon, unearthed a series of interviews with musical luminaries, presented three of our artists on one night in Richmond, designed a limited tee, made a gold record, made a blue record, made a scarfmade music for a podcast, and saw releases of Spacebomb Productions by Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White, The Waterboys, Foxygen, Swear and Shake, Charlie Fink, Alex Mejias, and Karl Blau.

December 21, 2017

Introducing Spacebomb Interviews

As part of our show on Red Bull Music Academy Radio last year, we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a couple of our heroes. Now you can listen to each of the interviews on YouTube in our Spacebomb Interviews playlist.

The series includes conversations covering topics like songwriting, production, developing techniques, and honing a craft, between Spacebomb and guests:

Listen to all of the Spacebomb Interviews and subscribe to Spacebomb on YouTube for more

December 14, 2017

Introducing ‘Bedouine (Deluxe)’ with two brand new bonus tracks


Today, Bedouine releases two brand new songs – “Louise” and “Deep Space” – as bonus tracks on the Deluxe edition of her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album.

Listen to Bedouine (Deluxe) including new bonus tracks “Louise” and “Deep Space”

You can also pick up “Louise” and “Deep Space” as a bonus CD (in the United States) or 7″ record (in England) for free when you purchase the album on vinyl at select retail.

UK fans can find the bonus CD at any Rough Trade (London, Nottingham, Bristol) or Residents Records (Brighton).

US fans can head to one of these fine establishments:


December 1, 2017

The Spacebomb House Band – Christmas Together (feat. Andy Jenkins) – Amazon Original


The holidays are officially here! With help from singer and songwriter Andy Jenkins, the Spacebomb House Band recorded “Christmas Together” for Amazon’s Christmas Soul playlist. Complete with strings, horns, and tons of holiday spirit, it’s just what this season needs.

Watch the video for “Christmas Together (feat. Andy Jenkins),” directed by Tony Forgey:

Andy Jenkins on writing “Christmas Together”:

I started reading “The Chimes” by Charles Dickens to get into a haunted holiday spirit, and I hope there’s a bit of gothic charm conveyed in the verses, but the song took a more gentle romantic turn. Like any relationship, your feelings for a certain holiday can ebb and flow as you get older, and some years, the most wonderful day can leave you quite hopeless and empty. But then there’s a different joy, the camaraderie of friends as you age and the old holiday glow is transmuted into a new kind of light.

Listen to “Christmas Together (feat. Andy Jenkins)” on Amazon’s Christmas Soul

A Spacebomb Revue in London: A Look Back

100617Spacebomb0389 copy

At the Spacebomb Revue in London earlier this month, we invited artists from across the United States, UK, and France to take part in a grand scale performance with the Spacebomb House Band complete with strings, horns, and singers. Helming the ship on stage and off – alongside the host of the evening, Matthew E. White – was music director and Spacebomb’s in-house producer and arranger Trey Pollard.

100517Spacebomb251 copy

Trey Pollard on his experience at the Revue:

Getting to share the stage with all these artists that we’ve worked with over the last few years, revisiting the music and in most cases performing the songs in a way that had never been done live, was very special. Seeing everyone come together and put on a show for the audience and ourselves, it felt like we were finishing a chapter of the Spacebomb Story.

 Spacebomb House Band’s Pinson Chanselle (drums) and Cameron Ralston (bass) rehearse on the day before the show

100517Spacebomb234 copy

Trey Pollard, Pinson Chanselle, and Matthew E. White tape sheet music parts together in the hotel lobby

100617Spacebomb0711 copy

Cocoon performs his duet with Natalie Prass, “Retreat”

100617Spacebomb0790 copy

Bedouine stuns the audience with her song “Solitary Daughter”

100617Spacebomb0936 copy

Foxygen’s Sam France and Jackie Rado

100617Spacebomb0963 copy

Charlie Fink leaves the stage after performing two songs from his latest album, Cover My Tracks

100617Spacebomb1123 copy

The Spacebomb House Band takes a bow: Pinson Chanselle, Cameron Ralston, Alan Parker, Matthew E. White, and Trey Pollard

Relive the Revue with this Spotify playlist of all of the songs performed there:

Read more about the visuals of the Revue

photos by Nick Helderman

October 23, 2017

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