Announcing The Spacebomb Revue at SXSW 2019

Spacebomb Records is putting on its debut SXSW showcase and in typical Spacebomb style is doing it with a twist. The Spacebomb Records & Virginia is for Music Lovers present The Spacebomb Revue will showcase six artists backed by the Spacebomb House Band, which guarantees each appearance to be a unique and very special set.

And Spacebomb has some experience with this, not only as a house band behind many acts in the studio but also presenting this revue-style show, as they did at the London’s Barbican Theatre with a host of guest artists gracing the stage and a sold-out audience to boot. This Spacebomb SXSW showcase will bring a slice of that to Austin. Starring:

Jackie Cohen
Angelica Garcia
Andy Jenkins
Lola Kirke

The Spacebomb Revue at SXSW 2019 is co-presented by Virginia is for Music Lovers and sponsored by the Broadberry Entertainment Group, Common House, Nate’s Bagels, and Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Company.

February 8, 2019

Fruit Bats & Vetiver – In Real Life (Live at Spacebomb Studios)

Eric D. Johnson and Andy Cabic have a lot in common. From the first time they met at a gig in Arcata, CA nearly 10 years ago at the suggestion of a mutual friend who just knew they’d hit it off, they recognized each other as kindred spirits with a common affinity for songwriting that embraces a range of feeling, strong on melodies paired with thoughtful lyrics and catchy hooks. Over the years, they’ve played in each other’s bands (Fruit Bats and Vetiver), on one another’s albums (often on the same labels, Sub Pop and Easy Sound), scored films together (SmashedAfter Tiller), and toured the world with one another as well as performed and collaborated alongside their friends (Cabic with Devendra Banhart and Johnson with The Shins and Califone).

In the past two years, following rounds of full-band touring supporting the release of Vetiver’s Complete Strangers and Fruit Bats’ Absolute Loser, the two have banded together for several duo shows in the United States and Europe. On stage together with two acoustic guitars, they go back-and-forth, weaving together Fruit Bats and Vetiver songs in ways that feel seamless yet reveal all the stylistic nuances that set them apart. Throw in a few songs by their favorite musicians, folks like the Incredible String Band, David Blue, and Bobby Charles, and you have a night that brings fans together in celebration of the ever-present power of song.

In Real Life documents this musical partnership as part of the ongoing Live At Spacebomb series. At the invitation of their friends at Spacebomb and the request of audience members night after night, Eric and Andy decided to record a few fan favorites just as they’ve been performing them together, live in Spacebomb’s studio in Richmond, VA on a morning off from a recent East Coast tour. The unadorned simplicity of these performances captures a bit of their travels and friendship, their appreciation and respect for each other’s songs, and the ease and joy of sharing the stage night after night, year after year.

Johnson brings two to the table, his 2003 fan favorite “When U Love Somebody” and 2016 stunner “Humbug Mountain Song” (which have jointly racked up an impressive 30 million streams). Cabic supplies his “Maureen” – from 2006’s To Find Me Gone – and “Rolling Sea” – from his first album on Sub Pop in 2009. Two beloved cover songs complete the set: Bobby Charles’ classic “I Must Be In A Good Place Now” and the lesser known “Nice Baby and the Angel,” written and performed by David Blue for his Graham Nash-produced album of the same name in 1973. Says Cabic about selecting those two, “Both songs are ones dear to us. Bobby Charles and David Blue are craftsmen of songs, under-appreciated by mainstream audiences but esteemed by their peers.”

With both Fruit Bats and Vetiver ready to begin the next chapter in each of their stories, In Real Life is a time capsule, captured at a moment of synchronicity for the two musicians. They’ve come from separate places and their paths will part once again, but just for a moment, these two friends find themselves in the same place at the same time, and the pleasure is all ours.

Fruit Bats & Vetiver – In Real Life (Live at Spacebomb Studios) (SB025)
LP/DIG | 02.22.2019

January 31, 2019

Trey Pollard releases commentary version of new album ‘Antiphone’

Trey Pollard talks you through his new album Antiphone with this newly released track-by-track commentary.

Pollard discusses his thought process, the systematic framework he adopted while writing, and some of the techniques used to make this stunning debut of contemporary chamber pieces.

Listen to Antiphone with Trey Pollard’s commentary

Trey Pollard – Antiphone (SB019)
LP/CD/DIG/SHEET MUSIC | 11.16.2018
COMMENTARY | 12.14.2018

December 14, 2018

Spacebomb House Band – IV: Return of the End of Time

Spacebomb House Band – Library Music IV: Return of the End of Time (SB023)
TAPE/DIG | 12.14.2018

For a limited time, take 25% off when you buy the first four Library Music tapes together.

Read more about Spacebomb House Band’s Library Music series


Sleepwalkers – Night Sessions (Live at Spacebomb Studios)

Night Sessions is what it sounds like: a five-piece rock band hitting the studio at their favorite time of day, with the brief from their record label of making “some acoustic versions of your new songs.” But here’s the thing: Sleepwalkers call the shots. Always have, always will. You want an acoustic version? Here’s a sexy, vibed out track with tons of reverb which would sit equally well at a cafe in Amsterdam or a late night cocktail bar in LA. Absolutely no acoustic instruments in sight. You’re welcome.

Live at Spacebomb Studios is a series that began with the release of Natalie PrassSide by Side. The second iteration of the live series comes from new Spacebomb Records signing Sleepwalkers. The release is three alternative versions of tracks released earlier in 2018, all from Sleepwalkers’ forthcoming full-length LP due out next year. Spacebomb will continue the series with a release from Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats and Andy Cabic of Vetiver at the top of 2019.

What we love about Sleepwalkers is their way of nailing a melody, their ability to find that hook you’ve been looking for your whole life, and their unwillingness to compromise their style for the sake of fitting into a neat little box. Night Sessions is three new Sleepwalkers songs released earlier in the year, but from an alternate reality where less is more, the party’s in bed, cigarettes are joints, uppers are downers. They may not be “acoustic,” but we’re glad they’re not. This is as stripped back as Sleepwalkers get.

Sleepwalkers – Night Sessions (Live at Spacebomb Studios) (SB024)
DIG | 12.13.2018


December 13, 2018

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