Introducing Spacebomb Playlists on Spotify

cocktail_spot_playlist deepspace_spot_playlist rainy_spot_playlist dance_spot_playlist stoned_spot_playlist

Spacebomb’s supreme tastemakers have handpicked five new playlists on Spotify for any occasion. Follow each one for frequent updates. See you in outer space.

SPACEBOMB: Cocktail Hour
Songs for gathering. Songs for imbibing. Songs for people who like great songs. Make this the soundtrack to your evening. (Curated by Cameron Ralston)

SPACEBOMB: Deep Space Travel
Calling all current and future astronauts. Venture into the vast emptiness of deep space with this in your ears. (Curated by Cameron Ralston)

Soundtrack to a rainy day, handpicked by Spacebomb’s Trey Pollard.

SPACEBOMB: Dance Party
Music that makes you move. For best results, push play on Friday and don’t stop until Monday (Curated by Pinson Chanselle)

SPACEBOMB: Let’s Go Get Stoned
Blast off. (Curated by Matthew E. White)

September 13, 2017

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