The debut album from Andy Jenkins, out now!

Today marks the release of Andy Jenkins‘ album Sweet Bunch, which Exclaim calls “a strong…soulful debut.” Others agree:

“Jenkins emerges as a distinctive artist on Sweet Bunch, an affably charismatic vocalist and supremely resourceful songwriter….like Harry Nilsson if he’d been born a Southerner” (8/10) – UNCUT

“Matching Americana to underground indie rock, his style is personal but always open, a charming personality who engages at every turn… Carefully sculpted and fragrantly built” – CLASH

“…its intermittent sing-talking and indie twang somewhat resemble a stripped-down Beck” – Stereogum

“Your summer anthem for 2018… It’s impossible to resist his ambling, soulful delivery” – The Revue

“It is a record that’s a tribute to the care that’s gone into it, from the songwriting through to the production, you feel this is exactly the record Andy Jenkins wanted to make, and that’s a special sort of triumph for any musician” – For The Rabbits

“Jenkins’ songwriting is breezy and his lush vocals set the bar high for his soulful debut.” – Exclaim

Go behind the story of Sweet Bunch with Andy and producer Matthew E. White in the short film Let’s Get Illuminated, which puts into focus the pair’s collaborative songwriting history and the process of writing and recording the album:

Andy Jenkins – Sweet Bunch (SB013)
CD/LP/CS/DIG | 06.15.2018
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June 15, 2018

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