Bedouine – “One of These Days”

Bedouine is set to release her debut album on June 23rd, and today we’re pleased to share the song “One of These Days” via Stereogum, who calls her an Artist to Watch: “It’s hard to imagine a more impressive introduction than Azniv Korkejian’s debut album as Bedouine. The globetrotting singer-songwriter confidently strides into the frame with her Silvertone guitar and proceeds to unfurl one stunner after the next.”

Stereogum previously called her last single, “Solitary Daughter,” “one of the most gorgeous new songs I’ve heard all year.”

Explaining the origin of “One of These Days,” Bedouine says:

I had borrowed my friend’s ’84 Blazer and taken it to the narrow streets of downtown Los Angeles to run an errand. The steering was loose and it felt like navigating a cruise ship down a canal. He had JJ Cale’s Naturally in the stereo as long as he had the truck, as if it came with it. I was somewhat familiar but it was then I noticed how JJ Cale turned a phrase on the drop of a dime. He’d sing a phrase that sounded like a complete thought, then all of a sudden move the punctuation over to add a tag. That’s what inspired the phrase “get it, and get it right”. 

The song itself is an optimistic outlook on wanting to speak the same language as someone, or at least close enough for you both to feel loved. Jake Blanton (who owns the Blazer) played drums. Gus Seyffert, the producer, played bass and tracked us live. The video was another collaboration with Tom Salvaggio and pokes fun at its own whimsy. 

Pre-order Bedouine (SB010) on iTunes and get instant downloads of “One of These Days,” “Solitary Daughter,” and “Dusty Eyes,” or CD and vinyl through the Spacebomb store:

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June 1, 2017

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