Andy Jenkins – “Genuine Heart”

Andy Jenkins has shared “Genuine Heart” off his soon-to-be-released debut album Sweet Bunch (out June 15th). Clash Music premiered the track today, calling it “carefully sculpted and fragrantly built.”

Talking about “Genuine Heart,” Jenkins reflects:

“I wrote this song within a day or two of discovering that I might be into somebody and they might be into me too. I wrote it out of an instinct for self-deprecation, the only instinct that hasn’t failed me yet.

“The words and music came through in a flash, but it wasn’t a done deal so I drove down to Durham one January day and played it for my friend Phil Cook. There’s a nice thing that can happen to a song, moving it from guitar to piano, it can really help you figure out what you’ve got. I don’t play piano so it’s also an excuse to be social.

“We worked out a bridge and he added a shining riff at the top and suddenly there it was, ‘Genuine Heart.’ It came together so naturally, it felt inevitable. I remember we went to pick up his son and ate Wisconsin-style chili for dinner over at his parents house after that, three generations of Cooks in a room is a blessing, and I drove home that night with a smile.

“He sent me the demo that night and all the email said was, ‘from today the day you ate at my parents house.’ Phil came back up to Richmond to do the session, playing keys and singing backing vocals on the final cut.”

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Andy Jenkins – Sweet Bunch (SB013)
CD/LP/DIG | 06.15.2018

May 24, 2018

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